MSM = Methyl Sulfonyl Methane


Alzheimer’s Disease

My name is Mary and I live in Portland, Oregon. My husband is 72 years old and for the last 6 years I could not communicate with him. He would get lost going from room to room and would forget why he was going there. I cooked, washed, bathed and put him to bed every day for 6 years.

Then I heard about MSM, and how it could help. I gave him about 20 capsules of MSM every day for two weeks. I had him soak in a tub with warm water and 3/4 cup of Clorox for 20 minutes twice a week. It leeched the aluminum out of his system. In two weeks, he was up working in the garden, communicating clearly and going shopping. My husband and I cannot thank MSM enough for getting him mind back in order.

We are now living again thanks to MSM - It really works!

Here's how it works:

The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells, intricately connected with each other like electrons in a electrical circuit. When you think - you send electrical impulses throughout your brain. Alzheimer's disease is a condition where the many of these cells are coated with aluminum, causing them to short circuit and sends brain impulses to the wrong synapse creating confusion.

MSM opens the membrane that contains the aluminum, and allows the unwanted deposits to be flushed into the blood stream. The hot bath with Clorox makes the body sweat and release the aluminum. Then the Clorox leeches it right off your body.


There IS an alternative to slash, burn and poison. I didn’t even know about this alternative until a few weeks ago, and I’ve been doing research in this area for years! It has to do with CHANGING a cancer cell into a non-malignant cell. MSM can do that. The KNIFE is the old, barbaric way.


Your body is creating new cells 24 hours a day. You have white corpuscles running around in your body eating things up like a little Packman.

To protect that new cell from the white corpuscle, your body puts a negative charged protein layer around the new cell, and because the white corpuscle is also a negative charged element, they repel each other. Each new cell contains the complete encyclopedia or DNA of your whole body. I’m talking about a cell that is not yet "differentiated," that is, a cell that has not yet grown into a specialized cell. These are cells that can become any type of cell that the body needs.

If you have a computer and they give 2 manuals, each 3 inches thick, you'd never learn to use the computer. But if I tell you to read pages 10 through 15, you will learn how to use your computer. When your body needs a cell, at the last minute it decides if it needs a kidney, eye, or fingernail cell. The body then tells the cell what pages of the DNA to read and when it takes the place of a dying cell, it begins to function in that capacity.

Once in a while a cell gets old that hasn't been programmed, your body then puts out an enzyme that dissolves the protein layer and a white corpuscle eats and recycles it. If an unprogrammed cell gets away and replaces a dying cell, it can't be replaced until it dies. But it doesn’t know what to do, because it doesn't know which pages of the DNA to read. One cell here and there doesn’t hurt you, but if half your kidney is made up of unprogrammed cells, you're going to die of kidney failure.

Doctors call it a tumor and their answer is to cut out the tumor and throw it away. Well if they cut your arm off and throw it away the body cannot rebuild it. Sew the arm back on and the body will do everything possible to rebuild it, even make new nerves and blood vessels to save the arm.

If the body can get a bad cell to die and a good programmed cell to replace it, you go into remission.

Doctors often use radiation and chemotherapy to kill bad cells. The only problem is those treatments cannot tell the good cells from the bad cells and tears up your whole system.

Laetrile, which is a food, has a cyanide molecule and two sugar molecules. In a healthy area of your body, you put out an enzyme that changes the cyanide to a food and the cells are very happy with it. In a cancerous area, that enzyme is not available so the cancer cells gobble up the cyanide intact and it kills the cell.

So laetrile is very fussy as to which cells it kills. The only problem is, with chemotherapy, radiation, or even laetrile some people go into remission and some people do not. Some people don't do anything and they get a remission. Killing bad cells is treating the symptoms and not the cause.

If you get rid of bad cell, and replace it with another bad cell your treading water and you can't win. You have to work on the other end, where you’re creating nothing but good, healthy programmed cells. Then it doesn’t matter why the old cell dies, you are in remission. That is where getting the glands to put out the right hormones and enzymes are very important so the body will heal itself.

Changing Cancer Into Healthy Cells

A study published in 1986 showed that MSM " was effective in the chemoprevention of . . . mammary cancers." This study has seen no publicity, and only here in this article do you start to find some of the amazing benefits from using MSM on a regular basis. Even though MSM has become very popular in the United States, few if any of those using it have understood the true significance of the cancer preventive benefits.

In another study, published in 1988, MSM was proven to greatly reduce the onset of cancer in rats which were deliberately injected with cancer-causing agents. These successful research results are old because there is no incentive to continue them – no profit! 


We have a natural bacteria, acidophilus, in our stomach that helps digest our food. We also have a yeast that lives in our colon called Candida that keeps bad bacteria out, which lives on the food created by acidophilus. 

When you take antibiotics, it kills the bad AND THE GOOD bacteria. Your pH then gets out of balance, and the Candida gets hungry and starts spreading.

When it gets into the vagina, women have yeast infections. When the tongue gets a white coating that is Candida yeast. When it gets in the ears and the eyes, they change the name and call it thrush. When it gets in the blood stream, they call it chronic fatigue, "an incurable disease."

There is no such thing or we would have all died 6000 years ago.

When you digest the food and it goes into the bloodstream, the Candida steals it. So you don't assimilate your nutrition, the glands don't get their vitamins and minerals so you develop allergies to foods, pollens and fragrances. You also don't have any energy because the Candida is a living organism and digests food like you do and puts out toxins, like you do that are floating in your blood stream.

When those toxins are added to your own toxins, it can simulate a zillion different diseases that you don't really have. When it simulates strep throat, the doctor gives you an antibiotic and kills the acidophilus, keeping the pH out of balance.

It then simulates pneumonia, . . . the doctor gives you more antibiotics and it then simulates sinus infection. Every three or four weeks, you have a cold or flu and you feel terrible.

This becomes a vicious, painful, and costly cycle. Candida is a living yeast and can turn any bread you eat into blood alcohol.

Blood alcohol is a blood sugar. When the body has adjusted to a high blood sugar content and it suddenly drops, you go into a mood swing like a diabetic and feel terrible. So, you crave bread, cookies, or alcohol to kick up the blood sugar.

This is why bars have so much pretzels, breadsticks and popcorn for their patrons ... it makes them feel good. When they're driving in a car they always have cookies, soda pop and candy at hand or when they're watching TV they surround themselves with junk food.

When you take MSM your pH goes normal. Candida can not live in your body when your pH is normal-except in the colon where it belongs, so the Candida dies out. This is how MSM cures people of Candida. Just that simple.

Candida can turn any bread in your diet into blood alcohol.

Some people can actually eat 4 or 5 pieces of bread and get drunk. The bars have lots of pretzels and breadsticks because it satisfies Candida’s craving for bread and keeps the blood sugar content high.

If enough MSM is taken, the pH becomes normal and Candida can't live anywhere accept in the colon where it belongs. MSM makes it possible for an alcoholic to come down off the alcohol without any of the withdrawal side effects.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

My name is Dr. Roger Bell, I had Carpal Tunnel in my wrists.

I heard that MSM possibly could cure it. By rubbing the MSM mixed with lotion right onto my wrists, it gave me the fastest results.

In two weeks my carpal tunnel was gone and I didn't have to have surgery on my wrists. The MSM saved me from a lot of pain and trouble.