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Introduction To The Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease

by R. Webster Kehr, Retired Natural Medicine Researcher

Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative brain disease that kills brain cells. It is impossible to restore any dead brain cells killed by anything. In the case of Alzheimer's, by definition, many brain cells are dead and these dead brain cells are no longer in the brain!! For example, brain cells may have been killed or eaten by a bacteria or perhaps an amoeba or perhaps they have been killed by a nasty virus!!! There are many possible causes of these dead brain cells!!!

But this article will focus on perhaps the number one cause of dead brain cells - a bacteria.

However, in many cases a brain scan is not done and a person may be "diagnosed" with Alzheimer's when in fact it is not Alzheimer's. So let us clarify: true Alzheimer's is the physical deterioration (i.e. death) of brain cells (i.e. many brain cells are no longer in the brain)!!!

But before going any further it will be helpful to visually see what I mean when I say that "many brain cells are no longer in the brain."

This is an amazing 14 minute TEDx YouTube video on Alzheimer's disease so you can see what we are dealing with!!! Pause the video when it shows the Alzheimer's brain on the right and a healthy brain on the left. Remember that colors don't matter. Compare the two images for as long as you want - then continue the video):
The Most Important Lesson From 83,000 Brain Scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

The point to make from this video is that with Alzheimer's MUCH OF THE BRAIN IS GONE!!!! The dead brain cells are clearly eaten or killed and flushed out of the brain!!


So where does this bacteria come from?? Generally it will come from uncooked or inadequately cooked meats (e.g. from cow or pig). In countries where the people do not eat meats due to religious beliefs or poverty, Alzheimer's is unheard of!!! See this web page from
Article: Where are the Lowest Rates of Alzheimer's in the World?

The purpose of this article to try to help Alzheimer's patients STOP the killing of as many healthy brain cells as possible to stop the spread of the disease!!!

An Alzheimer's patient CANNOT GET BETTER because their brain cannot be fixed because part of their brain is not there!!!

The thing that is killing the brain cells is almost certainly a nasty bacteria, though other microbes are mentioned on the Internet. You will get more than 13,000,000 hits if you put this into Google (no quotes):
alzheimer's bacteria

Here is a ranking of Google hits associated with Alzheimer's:
virus - 14,800,000
bacteria - 13,600,000
lyme disease - 2,100,000
fungus - 812,000
amoeba - 125,000

I think that the bacteria (or virus) "eat" the brain cells or at least partially eat the brain cells!!! How can this happen because brain cells are much larger than bacteria?? Think of a pack of cayotes eating a dead horse!!! That is the way I envision the bacteria eating brain cells!!!

Viruses can kill brain cells, but they cannot eat the brain cells, which is why I lean towards a bacteria as the main culpret.

When the brain cells die from a bacteria or a virus, the debris is flushed out by the bloodstream. The bacteria themselves are much, much too small to be seen in the medical imaging we saw above.

My point is that medical imaging shows that a high percentage of brain cells ARE DEAD AND THEY HAVE BEEN FLUSHED OUT OF THE BRAIN OR THEY HAVE BEEN EATEN BY THE BACTERIA!!!

The strange thing is that brain cells are much, much bigger than any bacteria!! We are talking about a very nasty bacteria!!!!

Here is a quote from ScienceDaily (next two paragraphs):

  • "They found that the Alzheimer's brains contained different proportions of specific bacteria compared with the healthy brains. "Comparing the bacterial populations showed at least a tenfold higher ratio overall of Actinobacteria (mostly P. acnes) to Proteobacteria in the Alzheimer's brain compared with the healthy brain," says Emery.

    However, the researchers were surprised to find that there also appeared to be more bacteria in the Alzheimer's brains [than healthy brains]. "Unexpectedly, Alzheimer's brains gave on average an apparent 7-fold increase in bacterial sequences above that seen in the healthy brain," says Allen. "The healthy brains yielded only low levels of bacterial sequences, consistent with either a background signal or normal levels present in the blood stream in brain tissue."

There must be many bacteria because it takes a lot of bacteria to kill a brain cell!!! Viruses work in a different way. These are nasty microbes!!!

But to some degree there seems to be a wide variety of bacteria (and perhaps viruses) which can cause Alzheimer's. But hopefully all types of bacteria will respond to the broad-ranging treatment I will talk about to kill bacteria.

We also have to assume that there are key bacteria which are continuously in the bloodstream which may end up inside of brain cells!! This means the bloodstream must be rendered completely free of all microbes, both bacteria and viruses. The Bob Beck Protocol, to be discussed below, renders all types of microbes in the bloodstream unable to breed so they just die off.

But do not expect an Alzheimer's patient to improve because the damage is permanent (the brain cells are gone)!!! Just do the best you can!! Keep them comfortable and try to stop the killing of even more brain cells!!

The best thing you can do is keep more brain cells from dying. That is the goal of the treatment - to kill the bacteria that are eating the brain cells!! But rememeber, even doing this will not allow the patient to get better because part of their brain is GONE!!!

Alzheimer's And Bacteria

Many diseases are known to be caused by a bacteria so natural medicine researchers are very familiar with killing bacteria, even bacteria which are inside of cells!!!

Honey mixed with turmeric is one such treatment. Cells love honey so they gobble up the honey, but the honey is acting as a Trojan Horse to get the turmeric (or any of several other key herbs) inside the weak cells to kill the bacteria.

Would this work with Alzheimer's cells?? I don't see why not as long as the treatment can get to the bacteria in the brain cells which are not yet dead.

But there is one treatment used in natural medicine that is custom-designed to get inside of cells and it just happens to kill the bacteria inside the cells!! That product is Protandim.

Protandim is a commercial product that was designed to get inside of cells and be an antioxidant. While Protandim was designed to be an antioxident, the good news is that all five elements in Protandim kill bacteria!!! Protandim consists of 4 herbs and green tea. But the key is that Protandim IS DESIGNED to get its 5 elements inside of cells as an antioxiant. And all five of the items kill bacteria!!!

You can have the greatest bacteria-killing products in the world, but if they don't get inside the cells you are wasting your time because the bacteria is inside of cells eating away the cell from the inside out!!!

It is by pure luck that all 5 elements in Protadim kill bacteria!!! While there many different things that kill bacteria, the bacteria that cause Alzheimer's are among the worst bacteria on earth so just because a product kills one type of "bacteria" does not mean it will kill the Alzheimer's bacteria!!! However, I am very hopeful that one or two of the elments in Protandim can kill the Alzheimer's bacteria!!!

Orthodox medicine doesn't use natural substances because natural substances cannot be patented!! The only thing orthodox medicine cares about is MONEY FROM PATENTS!!! They don't give a damn about their patients (trust me - God is taking notes)!!

So we need feedback from patients who are using various types of treatments. The bad news is that the Alzheimer's bacteria is so nasty that it will be difficult to know what can kill it!! That is why a shotgun approach is the best approach!!!

Now I want to make it clear: neither Protandim nor anything else is going to make the Alzheimer's patient better because nothing can restore the dead brain cells!!!

Let me repeat that: neither Protandim nor anything else is going to make the Alzheimer's patient better because nothing can restore the dead brain cells!!!

Remember, remember, the goal is not to make the patient better (that is impossible) the goal is to stop the patient from deteriorating even further!!!

In fact, I am so certain that the herbs and green tea in Protandim can kill the bacteria that causes Alzheimer's that it is my #1 required treatment for Alzheimer's!! More on Protandim below. Herbs have been known for well over 100 years to be very good at killing bacteria!!! We already know that all 5 ingredients in Protandim kill the bacteria which are in some cells, such as Helicobacter Pylori or H. Pylori!! However, the Alzheimer's bacteria is far worse than Helicobacter Pylori!!!

While the bacteria that eats brain cells is much more nasty than H. Pylori, I am confident that between the five elements in Protandim, all of which kill bacteria, that more than one of them will kill the Alzheimer's bacteria.

But the key with Protandim is that Protandim was DESIGNED to get inside of cells where the key bacteria which need to be killed are located!!!!

Nautural medicine medical researchers live and breathe finding ways to kill bacteria and viruses!!! That is what we do!!!! But the Alzheimer's bacteria is much different, and much more powerful than the bacteria inside of any other cells that we know of!!! These bacteria kill brain cells!!!

Here are three other web pages on a key natural medicine website that talk about many things in natural medicine that can kill microbes - pick some of these to help in the treatment, but as I will mention, do not take any other herbs within thirty minutes (on both sides) of a Protandim pill:
1) Website: How To Kill Microbes In The Bloodstream And Body

2) Website: Converting One Type of Cell Into A Normal Cells

3) Website: Massive ICRF Reference Manual (Which Includes Many Different Tactics To Kill Bacteria)

Why can't other herbs kill the Alzheimer's bacteria?? We don't know what will kill the Alzheimer's bacteria. The Alzheimer's bacteria is much more potent than any bacteria we have ever tried to kill!!! But even if we found an herb that would kill the Alzheimer's bacteria, we would still need to get this herb inside of brain cells!!! We already know that Protandim will get inside of cells and then kill bacteria inside the cells!!! Protandim was designed to get inside of cells and by pure chance will hopefully kill the Alzheimer's bacteria!!!

Any other herb you use to try and kill the Alzheimers bacteria, other than Protandim, mix it with honey to help it get inside of cells!!

The Alzheimer's bacteria (or perhaps a virus) is almost certainly what is killing brain cells!!! Is it possible to strip the enzymes on the outside of the Alzheimer bacteria so that the Alzheimer bacteria cannot breed?? The Bob Beck Protocol was designed specifically to strip the enzymes off of the AIDS virus, so I would suspect it would do the same for any other type bacteria or virus which might be suspected as causing Alzheimer's. Website: Bob Beck Protocol (for viruses in the brain point the Magnetic Pulser at the brain)

Trial and error may be needed. Let the people at the website know what you learn so they can pass it on to others.

But the first treatment I would recommend is Protandim (plus whatever you want to add to Protandim given the time restrictions) because it's ingredients get inside of cells and then kill multiple types of bacteria!!!

The only way that we know that a treatment is working, for an Alzheimer's patient, is if the patient is not getting worse!!!

The Three Goals

The three goals of an Alzheimer's treatment are to:
1) ENERGIZE the brain cells that are still alive with healthy foods and little or no processed sugar (sugar feeds bacteria)!!!
2) Kill the bacteria (and viruses if needed) which are killing the brain cells (use multiple tactics but follow the rules I will discuss)!!!
3) Kill any bacteria or viruses that are traveling in the bloodstream.

The "healthy" cells inside the brain of an Alzheimer's patient are very, very weak because they are probably filled with bacteria which will ultimately kill some of the brain cells!!!! So time is critical because healthy brain cells are dying continuously!!!

The Specific Treatment For Alzheimer's

First and foremost I recommend Protandim. Even if only 2 of the 5 elements in Protandim kill the "Alzheimer bacteria" that is better than anything we currently have!!!

But the key to using Protandim is that Protandim was designed to get inside of cells!!! LET ME REPEAT THAT: The key to using Protandim is that Protandim was designed to get inside of cells!!!

However, I would not use Protandim in the normal way because time is so critical for Alzheimer's patients!!!!

I would take 10 Protandim pills a day, TWO AT A TIME!!! Take each pair of Protandim at least an hour apart. You can do this because you are not using Protandim as an anti-oxidant you are using it to kill bacteria!!!

The purpose of Protandim in this case is to kill bacteria inside the brain of an Alzheimer's patient. I am talking about the bacteria that is killing the brain cells. We don't know which element(s) of Protandim will kill these bacteria, but I am confident that at least two or three of them will kill the Alzheimer's bacteria.

However, the individual elements of Protandim have not been tested against a specific list of bacteria so we have use our common sense . Herbs (which Protandim contains) have been used in natural medicine for well over 100 years and many health conditions are caused by bacteria. I am very confident that Protandim will work very well.

Second, add several items from this list of things that kill bacteria inside of cells!! There is a special article on these items - use some of them: Website: Killing the H. Pylori Bacteria While It Is Inside of Cells

Third, this is the ICRF Reference Manual. It has a TON OF IDEAS for killing bacteria in different sections: Website: ICRF Reference Manual

So your daily treatment will consist of 10 Protandim pills a day (taken two at a time and at least an hour apart), spread throughout the day.

Also, take as many other items that you think will help kill the Alzheimer's bacteria.


Let me repeat that:


If you take two Protandim pills five times a day, and have at least an hour between taking the 2 Protandim pills, that is four hours between when you take the first pair of pills and the time when you take the last pair of pills.

However you should not take any other herbs or products an hour before and an hour after taking any Protandim pills. So that is two more hours for a total of six hours where the patient takes nothing but Protandim pills and healthy foods.

So set aside SIX HOURS where you take no supplements except pairs of Protandim.

1) 1 hour without taking any herbs,
2) 2 Protandim (#1 and #2),
3) 1 hour without taking any herbs,
4) 2 Protandim (#3 and #4),
5) 1 hour without taking any herbs,
6) 2 Protandim (#5 and #6),
7) 1 hour without taking any herbs,
8) 2 Protandim (#7 and #8),
9) 1 hour without taking any herbs,
10) 2 Protandim (#9 and #10),
11) 1 hour without taking any herbs.

Total time: 6 hours.


Unfortunately, due to the totally corrupt FDA, which was a gift from stupid Congressmen and Congresswomen to Big Pharma because of all the bribes Big Pharma has paid to members of Congress; politics enters into this picture!!

Protandim is not mentioned on the website because LifeVantage (the company that makes Protandim) is afraid of the FDA, but Protandim is a major part of this protocol. I would love to talk to the LifeVantage executives about the FDA!!! If they knew what I know about the FDA, they would not be afraid of the FDA!! Aren't there two U.S. Senators from Utah and a U.S. Congressman for the district their headquarters are located???

Congress is so corrupt they created the FDA so that Big Pharma could make more money, especially from the "Big C" (i.e. remove every other letter: CcAaNnCcEeRr) patients, before Big Pharma's "Big C" patients are tortured to death!!! You cannot believe how many people will burn in hell because of H. Pylori, which is the bacteria that causes "Big C"!!! Even many in Congress will burn in hell.

Before reading on, what you do you think the 5-year cure rate of orthodox medicine is when treating the "Big C"?? In other words, what percent of their "Big C" patients are still alive five years after diagnosis??? Think about this before reading on.

The 5-year "cure rate" of orthodox medicine is (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation and surgery), it is a pathetic 2.1%. In other words, 97.9% of their "Big C" patients are dead in less than 5 years after diagnosis!! Well, the 97.9% of their patients have been tortured to death in less than 5 years.

To see the article in an oncology journal where the 2.1% cure rate came from click the blue link and then search for the string "2.1%" and then follow the intructions:
Article: Click This Link For "Big C" Cure Rates

Protandim is readily available via multi-level marketing and may be available on Amazon. Obviously the vendor will not make any medical claims so don't ask!!!

At ten pills a day a bottle of Protandim will only last 3 days!!! So you will need a lot of bottles!!!

More On Treating Alzheimers

Let me talk about the Bob Beck protocol. The Bob Beck protocol was designed to do one thing - kill viruses and specifically the AIDS virus. And I suspect it can also kill bacteria. Well, the Bob Beck protocol doesn't kill anything, it makes viruses and bacteria unable to breed so they just die off. This is not a required treatment and is not a high priority but it is recommended because many Alzheimer's websites say that a virus is the cause of Alzheimer's. This protocol can be found on the website:
CancerTutor Website: Bob Beck Protocol

The Magnetic Pulser should be pointed exclusively at the brain every time it is used.

I would actually add a very good colloidal silver product to this treatment because a quality colloidal silver can also help kill bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream. Copy the next line into Google:
"ASAP Plus 22 PPM"

Here is another website that is highly recommended!!! This article provides evidence that Lyme disease may be the microbe that causes a significant percentage of Alzheimer's cases!!!
Do Microbes Trigger Alzheimer's Disease

The website has many articles that talk about Lyme Disease!! Just copy and paste this into Google: lyme

How To Prevent Alzheimer's And The Big "C"

Assuming you do not already have Alzheimer's or the Big "C"; to Prevent Alzheimer's and the Big "C" I would suggest you take 2 Protandim a day. Remember, the key to the benefits of Protandim is that the elements in Protandim are designed to get inside of cells!!

If you think you might be at high risk for getting Alzheimer's or the Big "C" then you could take 4 Protandim a day (2 at a time, separated by 3 or 4 hours) for several months then drop down to 2 a day. Again, don't take any other herbs for an hour or two before or after you take the Protandim. This is to protect the integrity of the formula.

And make sure your meats are well-cooked!!!

Final Comments

Do not forget to avoid any herbs or spices within thirty minutes, on both sides, of taking a Protandim pill. The purpose of this article is to slow down or hopefully stop the brain deterioration of Alzheimer's patients.

I have a sister who has severe Alzheimer's and she lives in a rest home. Long before I started this project she was already a complete "vegetable." She just sits in her propped-up bed and stares at me. She cannot talk. She cannot move significantly. She cannot walk. She just sits proped partially up, laying in bed, like a statue, staring at me. No emotions, no movement, no nothing. I doubt she understands a word that I say!!!

The only emotions I have seen from her are when her son and I walked into her rest home and sat down with her. She recognized her son and perked up, but I guess she has not been recognizing me.

I doubt that she has 10% of her physical brain left. 20% at absolute most.

Alzheimer's is a monster so time is critical!!!


The key to remember is that whatever it is that causes Alzheimer's KILLS BRAIN CELLS!!! Think back to the YouTube video you saw at the beginning of this article. WHAT CAUSES ALZHEIMER'S IS NASTY AS IT KILLS AND PROBABLY EATS BRAIN CELLS!!!

If the Alzheimer's bacteria/parasite only killed brain cells the scan might have shown most of the brain. But most of the brain cells WERE GONE!!! That is why I say that the brain cells were almost certainly "eaten" by whatever is in the brain.

That is what needs to be kept in mind!!!

This is the key:

The best you can do is keep the patient comfortable and at the level of cognition they are currently at by trying to kill the bacteria in their brain!!!! You cannot make them better!!!!

A Brief Introduction To The Corruption In Big Pharma (i.e. the Rockefeller family)

Copy and paste this into Google (exactly as I show): Rockefeller

That should keep you busy for awhile.

A Message To LifeVantage Executives

LifeVantage is afraid of the FDA. They have threatend the ICRF that they will sue them if they mention Protandim on their website:

Why is it that the ICRF/ website people are not afraid of the FDA but LifeVantage is afraid of the FDA??? The people who run the website are not your enemies!!! The FDA is your enemy because Congress is a combination of stupid and corrupt. Has anyone in Congress not sold their soul to Big Pharma?? I honestly don't know.

I am 71 years old and I have seen a lot of things in my life (I am an ex-Marine and I was blown up in Viet Nam) and I am definitely not at all impressed with LifeVantage executives!!!! Their first defining charactertic is that they are paranoid!!! Well, that may not be a bad thing.

If the executives at LifeVantage had any brains they would be working with the ICRF and not be threatening them with lawsuits!!!!! Trust me, if the FDA ever does go after you the ICRF will be your best friends!!! They have documents you know nothing about because they are a much bigger target than LifeVantage is!!!

The second definiting characteristic of the LifeVantage executives is that they don't do their homework, and their third defining characteristis is that they just sit in the corner shaking!!!

Copy and paste this into Google: Rockefeller

Now copy and paste this into Google: FDA

The FDA would be far more likely to try and shut down the website than to shut down LifeVantage. We say some really bad things about the FDA on our website. So we have thought a lot about dealing with the FDA!!!!

Let me say that again:

The FDA would be far more likely to try and shut down the website than to shut down LifeVantage. We say some really bad things about the FDA on our website. So we have thought a lot about dealing with the FDA!!!!

LifeVantage should be working WITH the people (e.g. Gary Teal and Reggie Black and probably others)!!! We will happy to share with LifeVantage some of our thoughts. We think about the FDA all the time. You would not believe the information we have gathered against the FDA in case we need it in court!!!

Not even an FDA judge would rule against us because he/she would know that he/she will BURN IN HELL FOREVER - WITH THE ROCKEFELLERS - IF THEY VOTED AGAINST US!!!!

You would not believe the Top Secret documents we have waiting in store for the FDA if they come after us!!!

What LifeVantage Should Do

Does God know what is going on with Big Pharma???

There is a chapter in the Old Testament and two chapters in the Book of Mormon (published in 1830, which was before John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was born) that talk about the corruption in "modern medicine"!!! The one in the Old Testament says very clearly that the Rockefellers will murder far more people than all the people killed by Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong combined!!!! Can you spell: eventually the ONE BILLIONTH victim of the Rockefellers will be tortured to death by cancer, which is easy to cure!!!

Here is what LifeVantage should do:

First, designate a really smart person in your organization to spend a great deal of time researching the website about the Rockefeller family (who effectively own the FDA as a gift from a totally corrupt Congress). They should copy and paste this URL into a browser: Rockefeller

Actually someone in LifeVantage should download the entire website. We have already done that.

Second, they should then copy and paste this into Google (I wrote most of these articles before I retired): Rockefeller

Also put this into Google: FDA

Third, have this person come and visit me in the Kansas City area. Or I will come to Salt Lake City. I will teach the LifeVantage representative many things they need to know if the FDA ever does come after LifeVantage (which I doubt will ever happen because they have two Utah Senators and one Utah Representatives in Washington D.C. who would be really pissed off if that happened)!!!

You would not believe how many documents we have about the corruption in "modern medicine"!!!!

And I am sure that President Trump would not like knowing that 1,000,000 Americans a year are tortured to death with the "Big C" because of the corruption in Congress and the FDA!!!

However, because I am living with relatives I have to be careful about what I do. If I lived alone I would be happy to make public some of the articles I have written on the Rockefellers and the FDA. But for now they are not online.

If LifeVantage wants to know why the ICRF is not afraid of the FDA they can send me an email and I will give them plenty of reasons that we are not afraid of the FDA!!! But I cannot mention these reasons in this article.

My email address is at the bottom of this page. Remember, LifeVantage should designate one person on their staff to become an expert in the Rockefeller family, Big Pharma, the FDA, etc.

This person can come to the Kansas City area (where I live) or I will come to Utah when I get a chance.

This is important to do because the executives at LifeVantage DON'T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE what the real job of the FDA is!!!

Contact Us With Information Or Questions

To anyone who has read this document, please let the researchers at the ICRF (i.e. the website) know what you learn about treating Alzheimer's so we can pass it on to others!!! They are the ones you should work with because the people at the website are very familiar with Protandim even though they are not allowed to mention it on their website.

I mention Protandim on this website because it gets inside of cells, exactly where it needs to be!!! And I am confident that at least one or two of the ingredients in Protandim kill the Alzheimer's bacteria.

Here is the way to contact the ICRF (i.e. website):
Contact the CancerTutor People

Here is my email address for anything you learn or if you have questions. My email address is camouflaged to avoid web crawlers.