Natural And Effective Treatments For Cancer And Alzheimers

Orthodox medicine claims that DNA damage causes cancer. It is hard to imagine how stupid this theory is!!!

To further explain, DNA resides inside of cells. There is nothing inside of any cell that can damage the DNA or change the sequence of nucleotides on a DNA strand. But more importantly, if a DNA strand was broken (which would be required for DNA damage to cause cancer) there is nothing, absolutely nothing, inside the cell which can put the DNA strand back together!!!

But also note that DNA IS GIGANTIC!!! A human DNA strand has 3.2 billion nucleotides!!! Only an incredibly small percent of this DNA has anything to do with creating ATP energy in cells. The very definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low levels of ATP molecules!!! The claim that DNA damage causes cancer is just plain stupid!!!

Think of DNA as a very long steel chain. Suppose you were out in the wilderness and you wanted to change the order of links in a chain. To do this you would have to break the chain in three places just to move a segment of the chain to another location on the chain:
1) two places to create a small chain segment of the chain to move to a different location,
2) one place for the newly created segment to be inserted

Then the chain would have to be put back together (i.e. reattached) in THREE PLACES:
1) once where the segment was broken,
2) twice to connect the segment to be inserted into the place where the chain was broken (both endpoints of the segment need to be connected to the chain).

But there is nothing inside of a cell that can re-attach a break in a DNA strand (whether the break is accidental or intentional). I have an entire article on this subject among my anti-evolution articles:
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

What is wrong with these "cancer researchers", are they really that stupid?? Well, no - they just want to keep their jobs because most "cancer research" foundations are controlled by Big Pharma (i.e. the Rockefellers). Big Pharma NEVER wants to cure cancer!!! Their "researchers" are paid to NOT find cures for cancer!!!

These organizations will not research natural cancer treatments for two reasons:
1) Natural cancer treatments cannot be patented so they cannot yield massive profits!!!
2) Natural cancer treatments can cure cancer (if you work with an expert at the website) and when a cancer patient is cured they would not need any more cancer treatments (so the money dries up for that patient)!!!

Let me say this another way. Orthodox medicine has no interest in their cancer patients, they are only interested in the health insurance money of their patients!!! By the way, health insurance policies (which are approved at the state level) do not cover natural treatments for anything!!! Is there anyone on this planet who has not sold their souls into eternal damnation to share in the Rockefeller's bottomless pit of money??? Well, yes there are!!!

Big Media and Big Pharma are both owned by the super rich, who work with each other to make more money - it is a quid pro quo relationship (i.e. you scratch my back and I will scratch your back). Because of Big Media you probably think that orthodox cancer treatments (i.e. the treatments of Big Pharma) are far, far better than natural cancer treatments. Actually, Big Media will never mention that natural cancer treatments even exist!!! There is a technical term for this: blacklisting!!!

The Treatment Of Cancer And Alzheimers

This website discusses natural treatments for two different health conditions: Cancer and Alzheimer's.

First, I will talk about cancer. I am a retired cancer researcher and everything you know about cancer comes from Big Pharma and Big Media and is a lie!!!!! CANCER IS EASY TO CURE unless you have less than 4 months to live, then you have to crank up the treatment (and I will tell you how to do that).

Second, I will talk about Alzheimer's. There is no cure for Alzheimers and never will be because Alzheimers KILLS BRAIN CELLS which cannot be restored. So this article will tell you how a person might slow down and even stop the progression of Alzheimer's. However, there are no guarantees because I do not know if anything can actually get to the bacteria or virus that is killing the brain cells.

There is an electromedicine device called the GB-4000 M.O.P.A. (do NOT get the GB-4000 SR-4 because its signals cannot reach the brain), but I do not know if the vendor knows the correct frequencies for the Alzheimer's bacteria. This device is sold on the website that I will talk about in the next section!!!

So let's get started.


The 5-year "cure rate" or orthodox medicine is 2.1%. In other words, 97.9% of their patients are dead within 5 years!!! That is not just pathetic, it should be criminal.

The only desire of Big Pharma is to make as much money off of you as they can, from your health insurance policies, before you die!!!

By the way, most health insurance policies only cover costs from Big Pharma and do not cover natural cancer treatments!!! That is how deep the corruption and stupidity are in America!!! Health insurance companies and politicians are either totally corrupt (i.e. Congress) or they don't have the slighest clue what is going on (at the state level)!!! Health insurance policies are approved at the state level by people who don't know any more about cancer treatments than a ten year old child knows!!!

Natural cancer treatments (which cannot be patented and thus are not used by orthodox medicine because they are not profitable enough) have very high cure rates, frequently in the 90% and above range.

The premier website on the internet for cancer, by a gigantic margin, is the website. This website is supported by experts in natural cancer treatments. They live in Utah but they work with cancer patients all over the world.

If you actually have cancer, you need to be working with the superstars of natural medicine at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. at the website (click the "Start Here" box):
The Cancer Tutor Website

Start with this article:
Why Everything You Know About Cancer Is Wrong

If you question the power of natural cancer treatments, or what the people at the Indenpendent Cancer Research Foundation know about cancer, spend a couple of hours studying this article (this will knock your eyes out of their sockets):
The Cancer Tutor "ICRF Reference Manual"

Do not use the ICRF Reference Manual to design your treatment, let the experts do that.

A typical natural cancer treatment will include 15 or so items, most of which are very inexpensive and some of which can be purchased at a health food store!!!

Before going on I should mention a product called "Protandim." The people at the website are not allowed to mention Protandim on their website because the manufacturer is afraid of the FDA. So I would add 2 Protandim pills a day (take them at the same time) to whatever the people at the website tell you to take. If you are advanced, take take 12 Protandim a day - TWO AT A TIME EVERY TWO HOURS!!!!!!

Protandim is sold multi-level marketing or it might be sold on Amazon. Do not tell the person who sells it you are using it for cancer. Let them sell you the product and pretend they are doing a good job selling the product.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol is an excellent example of what a natural cancer treatment will look like when working with an expert. This is an old version (March 17, 2015) so the article may take a minute to open:
The Dirt Cheap Protocol

The bottom line is to work with the experts at the website (I used to be one of them)!!!

About Alzheimers And How To Best Treat Alzheimers

While several different kinds of microbes are thought to be the cause of Alzheimer's disease, and they all may be causes, many researchers think that the primary cause of Alzheimer's is a very nasty bacteria that eats brain cells. This bacteria would likely come from meat which has not been properly cooked and has the bacteria in it.

As a retired medical researcher of cancer, which is a disease which is known to be caused by a bacteria, I agree that a very unique and nasty bacteria is the main microbe that causes Alzheimer's disease. Killing this bacteria is pricisely the direction the main article on this website heads!!!!

But I should strongly emphasize: unlike most diseases such as cancer, killing the cause of Alzheimer's, namely a bacteria in most cases, does not make the patient any better!!!! It does not "cure" the patient!!! The best an Alzheimer's treatment can do is STOP THE PROGRESSION OF THE DISEASE!!!!!

There is not, and there never will be, a "cure" for Alzheimer's because the brain cells killed by Alzheimer's can never be restored (well, not until the resurrection when God fixes everything). The YouTube video I will link to in the article proves this very, very clearly!!! In the video you will see that a big chunk of of the patient's brain is gone!!!!

Why is this so?? Because whatever causes Alzheimer's EATS AND/OR KILLS BRAIN CELLS and dead brain cells cannot be replaced!!!!

Here is the article on Alzheimer's Disease (it will open in a new window):
Article: Introduction To The Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease



About The Author - Webster Kehr

While I was a cancer researcher of natural medicine for many years, and the things on this website are primarily here because of my medical research experience, I am currently a full-time "creation scientist," meaning I am someone who battles the atheists and evolutionists on the Internet!!!

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