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The Natural Treatment (Prevention and Cure) for
Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, etc.


How to Prevent and Cure Dementia

You don't have to spend the last few years of your life in a "rest home" because your brain has failed to operate. By avoiding key foods (e.g. trans-fatty acids, other bad fats, heavy metals, etc.) and by taking some key nutrients that your brain needs to function properly, you can avoid living your "golden years" in a mental fog.

The way food is processed these days is killing your brain. Food processing is ADDING trans-fatty acids and other bad fats to your diet, plus it is DESTROYING the essential fatty acids that our brain needs. See:
Article on Brain Fats

I have not checked this out yet, but I have heard that methyl is another thing needed by the brain. MSM is in the list below, and it contains 2 methyl groups and 2 oxygen singlets. DMSO, also mentioned below, contains 2 methyl groups and 1 oxygen singlet, but DMSO can cause a lot of body odor when used in theraputic doses.

1) A product that has been around for awhile is making waves among those who already have dementia. The product is called Vibe, by a company called Eniva. It is making significant changes in mental clarity within a matter of days. The suggested dose is 1/2 ounce for 2 days, 3/4 ounce for 3 days, 1 ounce for 3 days, then level off at 2 ounces a day. Within 2 weeks there should be a significant change. Here is a vendor:
Vendor of Vibe [Click on Vibe Icon]

2) For the long term, your brain needs key essential fatty acids (e.g. omega 3). Seventy-five percent of the myelin is made up of fats, mostly essential fatty acids. However, do not just go out and buy omega 3 supplements. You need at least 2-4 tablespoons a day of refrigerated, liquid flax seed oil, or some combination of refrigerated, liquid flax seed oil and liquid fish oil. The omega 3 must be made water soluble, which is done by mixing the omega 3 with a sulfur protein, usually in the form of cottage cheese or yogurt. See this article on the Budwig diet for details on how to make water-soluble omega 3.
Article on Making Water Soluble Omega 3

3) If there is such as thing as a "cure" for dementia, that cure would be the Bob Beck Protocol followed by high doses of water soluble omega 3. The Bob Beck Protocol removes every microbe from your body, whether virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. Removing the microbes from the brain is probably the most important part of any dementia treatment!! See this article on cancer for more infomation about the Bob Beck Protocol.
Bob Beck Protocol for Cancer

4) Your brain needs oxygen singlets (e.g. MSM, DMSO and stabilized oxygen [e.g. Prime pH, Aerobic O7]). Take 12 drops of a stabilized oxygen product and 12 drops of 70% DMSO a day, mixed in a fruit juice (take this at night). Children should take 6 drops of each. Instead of the DMSO, you could take 2 to 5 grams of MSM per day (make sure it is an MSM that is NOT a pill, and has not had any additives). See the theory and a testimonial:

5) Your brain also needs key minerals. Products such as: Vibe (from Eniva - mentioned above), Cell Food, Vitamin O, Xango Mangosteen juice, Tahitian Noni juice, etc., are great for getting the necessary minerals into the brain.

6) You also need to chelate heavy metals from your body. Different supplements chelate different heavy metals from your brain. Here is a list of supplements that chelate heavy metals:
a) Natural Cellular Defense (zeolite),
b) Vitamin C (take high quality 500 mg, 4 times a day, for a total of 2 grams),
c) Chlorella, which is a food, not a supplement. See:
d) The Karl Loren product. See:

7) The MAIN article on dementia:

8) The Karl Loren article on Chlorox Baths and dementia!!! (Karl Loren was largely shut down by the FDA)
Karl Loren Article

How to Prevent and Cure ALL Cases of Type 2 Diabetes

What causes type 2 diabetes? You probably think it is too much glucose or too little insulin. Actually, type 2 diabetes is caused by trans-fatty acids and other bad fats sticking onto your cell membranes and blocking the insulin ports and glucose ports in the cell.

There has been a cure for type II diabetes since at least the year 2000. Of course, you don't know about it. If you have had type 2 diabetes for many years, and face severe side-effects of the disease, see the type I article also (it is next). Here is the cure for type 2 diabetes.

1) All you need to know is right here:

How to Prevent and Cure Some Cases of Type 1 Diabetes

There are different things that can cause type 1 diabetes. Vaccinations are probably the #1 cause, because they frequently cause live viruses to be injected into a person's body, while bypassing the digestive tract (which kills most viruses). These viruses make a permanent home in your body. They may attach to beta cells in the pancreas, and in the body's attempt to kill the virus, the immunity system kills the beta cells instead. However, there are other causes as well.

Two products, a pancreatic enzyme product (i.e. Vitalzym) and Protocel, a natural cancer treatment, have both cured some type 1 diabetes patients. While the percentage of people cured of type 1 diabetes by Vitalzym and/or Protocel is unknown, what is known is that the enzymes can prevent most, if not all, of the very serious side-effects of type I diabetes (for type I or type II patients).

1) Here is where you need to begin. Make sure you read the superb article by Dr. Wong that is linked to in this article:

How to Prevent and Cure Cancer

The average person believes that cancer is caused by DNA damage. THIS IS NONSENSE which is designed to lure cancer patients into worthless orthodox cancer treatments. Cancer is caused by a bacteria.

More than 90% of all cancer cases can be cured with natural substances. However, this is true ONLY if the person starts the alternative cancer treatment as soon as they are diagnosed. If they wait until they are sent home to die by orthodox medicine, there are only a handful of alternative cancer treatments that give them any hope of survival.

This is the best natural cancer treatment website on the Internet, by a giant margin and the non-profit that runs this website has EXPERT ONE-ON-ONE Support Available:
Website: The "Cancer Tutor" - Alternative Cancer Treatments

The best news of all is that cancer is easily prevented. The best prevention, water-soluble omega 3, is also the cure for type 2 diabetes and a major element in the prevention of dementia! How about that!!

1) The politics of why you don't know about alternative cancer treatments:
Article in 3 parts

2) Preventing cancer only requires the water soluble omega 3 discussed in this article on type 2 diabetes:

3) Here is a general article on cancer prevention:

4) Other key things required to prevent cancer are vitamin C (a quality brand), 500 mg 4 times a day, and two amino acids: L-proline and L-lysine.
Article 1 (pdf - Adobe Acrobat)
Article 2 (pdf - Adobe Acrobat)

5) For those who are not highly advanced cancer patients, here are two key websites:
Article 1
Article 2

6) For those who are advanced cancer patients, see these web pages:
Article 1
Article 2

7) The Home Page for Cancer Tutor:
Alternative Cancer Treatments

8) A cancer research foundation which is not controlled by the pharmaceutical industry:

How to Prevent and Cure Most Types of Heart Disease

There are a lot of myths regarding heart disease. The highly profitable "cholesterol" issue is highly overrated. It is TRUE, however, that a major cause of heart disease is trans-fatty acids. Trans-fatty acids, and other bad fats, are also the major cause type 2 diabetes. That is why orthodox medicine thinks type 2 diabetes causes heart disease. That is total nonsense, both are caused by trans-fatty acids - that is why there is a statistical correlation. Orthodox medicine needs to go back to school and learn about statistics.

Trans-fatty acids also cause dementia, that is a major reason why so many people in rest homes have diabetes. Trans-fatty acids, and a highly acidic diet (e.g. diet soda pops) are a major reason people are obese. That is why orthodox medicine thinks if you lose weight your chances of getting heart disease will be less. It is almost total nonsense (i.e. it is partly true, but for other reasons).

1) See this article:
Article - See excellent links at bottom of page

2) Another Dr. Rath article, this one mentions heart disease:
Article (pdf - Adobe Acrobat)

How to Prevent and Cure Depression

Depression is caused by many things in our diet, but three things stand head-and-shoulders above all the rest:
1) Aspartame (e.g. NutraSweet, Equal, etc.),
2) Sugar,
3) Anti-depressant drugs (technically not in our diet)

1) First of all, if you are on the prescription drugs for depression, you are at risk for going ballistic and killing many innocent people. See this website:

2) Also, if you are on these drugs, do NOT quit taking them cold-turkey (i.e. quickly). See this article, buy her book and buy her tape:

3) Finally, the major cause of depression is aspartame and sugar, in that order. See this article for more information:

How to Cure ALL Microbe-Caused Diseases (including AIDS/HIV)

While officially the cure for all microbial diseases was found in 1990, in fact, this cure was a repeat of several earlier cures which were ignored by orthodox medicine. All the cures use electromedicine, which was described in medical textbooks before 1910. It was around 1910 when Rockefeller, who had purchased pharmaceutical companies, took over all the medical schools and forced them to abandon electromedicine and herbal medicine. He had the blessings of a corrupt Congress (deja vu).

Here is a small sample of diseases which can be cured with electromedicine:

1) AIDS / HIV,
2) Hepatitis A,
3) Hepatitis B,
4) Hepatitis C,
5) Rheumatoid Arthritis (except for the physical damage already done),
6) Bubonic Plague,
7) Malaria,
8) Cholera,
9) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
10) Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever,
11) Lyme Disease,
12) Yellow Fever,
13) Dengue Fever,
14) Epstein Barr,
15) Austism (in most cases),
16) and many, many others.

All of these diseases can be cured with the Bob Beck Protocol, which actually was based on the discovery made by two medical doctors in 1990. The two medical doctors should have won the Nobel Prize, but instead their discovery was crushed because they had found a way to cure AIDS / HIV.

The late Bob Beck, a PhD in physics and an expert in electromedicine, hired a private detective to find the details about their discovery. With this information he found a way to implement their discovery. All of this is very, very well documented because the two doctors filed for a patent in 1993 and described their research. See this article related to AIDS:
Bob Beck Protocol

The treatment does vary a little from disease to disease, but common sense, and an understanding of what causes the disease, can generally lead to the correct protocol.

How to Never Have a Cold or the Flu Again

Myself, and two other people I know, take a concoction of things such that none of us have had a cold or the flu for a combined period of several years. The product that is common to our different concoctions is stabilized oxygen. In fact, for several months I took stabilized oxygen and only one other supplement.

There are 4 substances, which if you take every day, will guarantee you will never get a cold again - or the flu. They are:

1) Stabilized Oxygen (e.g. Prime pH or Aerobic O7), 12 drops a day for adults, 6 drops a day for children. This is the most important item by far!!

2) Vitamin C, 500 mg of a high quality brand, taken 4 different times of the day (at least 2 hours apart), for a total of at least 2 grams a day. Vitamin C only lasts about 2 hours in your body, so you need to spread it out during the day.

3) A high quality mineral supplement, such as Vibe (from Eniva), Cell Food, Essense Health Blend and/or Tahitian Noni Juice (at least 2 oz a day).

4) MSM, 2 to 5 grams a day (zero additives). (take in the morning because it can cause bad breath)

Concluding Comments

Do you see a pattern here? What hasn't been talked about much is what causes all of these things. Here are some of the major contributors to disease in America:

1) Vaccinations, because of both mercury and live viruses, cause many, many cases of type 1 diabetes, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc. Vaccinations are very, very profitable to orthodox medicine because of all the diseases they cause.

2) Trans-fatty acids and other bad fats cause dementia, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other problems.

3) An over-acidic diet creates a haven in the body for microbes, which are involved in almost every major disease. See the Bible on nutrition: Sick and Tired? by Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD for a full understanding of how an acidic diet contributes to virtually every disease we have.

4) Aspartame causes depression, brain cancer, and over 90 other health problems.

5) Root canals allow a safe-haven in the body for microbes. Thus, even if you kill the microbes in a person's body, you cannot kill them inside the root canal, thus the disease will likely come back.

6) Dental amalgam, along with vaccinations, pour mercury into your body. Multiple sclerosis has many of the same symptoms of mercury toxicity.

7) The combination of aluminum and fluoride. Right up there with mercury.

8) Farming practices, food processing practices, dairy farming practices, food dyes (e.g. food allergies), chlorine, fluoride, etc. etc. cause many, many health problems.


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