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About Alzheimers And How To Best Treat Alzheimers

This website has "evolved" into an Alzheimer's treatment website.

While several different kinds of microbes are thought to be the cause of Alzheimer's disease, and they all may be causes, many researchers think that the primary cause of Alzheimer's is a very nasty bacteria.

As a retired medical researcher of cancer, which is a disease which is known to be caused by a bacteria, I agree that a very unique and nasty bacteria is the main microbe that causes Alzheimer's disease. Killing this bacteria is pricisely the direction the main article on this website heads!!!!

But I should strongly emphasize: unlike most diseases such as cancer, killing the cause of Alzheimer's, namely a bacteria in most cases, does not make the patient any better!!!! It does not "cure" the patient!!! The best an Alzheimer's treatment can do is STOP THE PROGRESSION OF THE DISEASE!!!!!

There is not, and there never will be, a "cure" for Alzheimer's because the brain cells killed by Alzheimer's can never be restored (well, not until the resurrection when God fixes everything). The YouTube video I will link to in the article proves this very, very clearly!!! In the video you will see that a big chunk of of the patient's brain is gone!!!!

Why is this so?? Because whatever causes Alzheimer's EATS AND/OR KILLS BRAIN CELLS and dead brain cells cannot be replaced!!!!

Here is the article on Alzheimer's Disease (it will open in a new window):
Article: Introduction To The Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease



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